The infuence of different interfaces on electrical and optical characteristics of Te doped ALGaAsSB/ALAsSB Bragg Mirrors on InP.

Dari de Oliveira Toginho Filho, Ivan Frederico Lupiano Dias, José Leonil Duarte, Edson Laureto, Jean C Harmand


The electrical and optical properties of non-doped and Te doped 6.5 periods AlGaAsSb/AlAsSb Bragg mirrors on InP grown by MBE with different types of interfaces between ternary and quaternary layers are reported. The techniques employed were photoluminescence, refectivity and IxV measurements. The digital alloy gradient interface seems to be the best alternative to optimize conduction without significant refectivity losses.


Semiconductor; Bragg mirror; AlGaAsSb; AlAsSb.


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