Development of Polymer Blends in order to Toughening of Polymers: A review

Carlos Bruno Barreto Luna, Divânia Ferreira da Silva, Sabrina Kelly Trajano Basílio, Edcleide Maria Araújo, Adriano Lima da Silva, Ana Flavia Camara Bezerra



Polymers are materials of large use in the various sectors of the world economy. The use of polymeric materials in daily life, instead of the classic materials has increased in recent decades. However, for certain structural applications polymers need to get tougher. One of the principal toughening techniques based on physical mixture of two or more components, forming the so-called polymer blends. The addition of rubber or not vulcanized in polymer compositions is reported in the literature as a means of generating mixtures of easy processing, and economically advantageous to increase the toughness of the thermoplastic matrix of interest. Moreover, it can be an alternative for the recycling of waste tires and footwear coming from industries, as well reduce harmful effects on the environment. Therefore, the present study aims to present a review of the definitions, benefits, thermodynamic fundamentals and toughening polymers.


Polymer blends; Toughening; Rubber


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