Conceptual maps as evaluation strategy

Nelci Reis Sales de Araújo, Eliana Aparecida Silicz Bueno, Flaveli Aparecida de Souza Almeida, Dionísio Borsato


The following work shows the conceptual map as an evaluation tool. In this study, an opening text was used as a previous organizer, with a theme related to the students’ daily lives. The developed activity consisted in elaborating conceptual maps before and after the experimental works. The evaluation was applied to 21 students of the 1st grade and 22 of the 3rd grade of High School. The elaborated maps were scored according to hierarchy, propositions, linking words, cross linking and examples. The classification of the maps elaborated before and after the experimental activity, was obtained having as a parameter, a referential conceptual map. In this classification many differences were observed between the first and second maps of both grades and among the groups. The elaboration of conceptual maps showed great potential as evaluation resources.


Conceptual Map; Scoring keys; Motivational theme.


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