Adaptive Multiuser Detectors for DS-CDMA Systems

Fernando Ciriaco, Lisiane Heringer, Luis Carlos Albuquerque, Taufik Abrão, Paul Jean Etienne Jeszensky


This work makes a review of the main Adaptives Multi-user Detectors (MuD-Adpt) for Direct Sequence - Code Division Multiple Access (DS-CDMA) systems. The MuD-Adpt based on Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE) and Decorrelator (MuD-Dec) are focused. Multi-user detectors show great resistance to the near-far effect and combat effectively the Multiple Access Interference (MAI). Comparative numeric results characterize the substantial performance improvement of those detectors in relation to the matched filter conventional receiver (Conv).


DS-CDMA; Multi-user Detection; Decorrelator; MMSE; Adaptive Detection Algorithms; Convergence.


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