Transesterification Oil Chicken Using Different Catalysts

Willian Secco, Camila da Silva, Jamal Awadallak, Edson Antonio da Silva


The aim of this study was to evaluate some catalysts in the production of esters from crude chicken
and chicken oil pre-treated (neutralized by alkaline solution) oil. The catalysts were evaluated:
Amberlyst-15, IR-120 Aberlite, KSF, ZnO, CaO and methanol as the reactant alcohol. The reactions
took place starting at 60°C and 80°C, 5 % catalyst relative to the mass of oil, reaction time 5 hours and
molar ratio alcohol:Oil 9:1. The catalyst showed the best conversions, approximately 77 % of esters,
was calcium oxide (CaO). Then new tests with CaO catalyst were developed. By means of a 23 factorial
design were evaluated three important variables in the transesterification reaction temperature, molar
ratio alcohol:oil and percentage by weight of catalyst. The highest conversions were obtained of 79.8%
and 83% for crude oils and pre-treated, respectively, under the conditions of temperature 90°C, molar
ratio alcohol:oil 6:1 and 4 % by weight of the catalyst.


Transesterification; Chicken oil; Catalysts; Heterogeneous


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