Agronomic characteristics associated with vegetation index measured by active sensors of the canopy in soybean

Edson Cristiano Groff, Marcos Rafael Nanni, Fabrício Pinheiro Povh, Everson Cezar


Soybean has always stood out for its economic importance in the national agricultural scenario with an increase in its cultivation throughout the Brazilian territory. With the increasing use of precision agriculture (PA) is of paramount importance to understand the variability of agronomic variables. Currently, spectral sensors in the ground-level have been used to establish relationships between spectral response and crop growth parameters. This is possible through the reading of vegetation indices such as Normalized Difference Vegetation Index using the green band (GNDVI). This study was conducted between October to 2008 and April to 2009, in Ponta Grossa – PR, with the objective of evaluating the spectral response of soybean through GNDVI and its correlation with some agronomic variables, such as: productivity of grain, productivity of dry mass, plant density and plant height. GNDVI readings were taken on six phenological stages using Crop Circle active optical sensor. Regression analyzes were used to determine which agronomic variables established relationship with the GNDVI. The GNDVI in soybean established significant correlations only with grain and MS productivity in EF V9. Thus, to establish the correlation of GNDVI with these variables it is recommended that the readings are carried out in this EF.


Vegetation index; Spectral responses; Remote sensing.


Semina: Ciênc. Agrár.
Londrina - PR
E-ISSN 1679-0359
DOI: 10.5433/1679-0359
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