Products of different chemical groups to control maize white spot

Eliseu dos Santos Pedro, Ricardo Marcelo Gonçalves, Walter Fernandes Meirelles, Luzia Doretto Paccola-Meirelles


The aim of this work was the evaluation of different products used to control maize white spot, a leaf disease caused by the bacterium Pantoea ananatis. Six products from different chemical groups were used for this experiment, and they were tested on the susceptible hybrid HS200. Parameters, such as severity (%), area under disease progress curve (AUDPC), and productivity, have been estimated. The treatment with oxytetracyline resulted higher grain productivity for maize. Natural products, such as Rocksil and Pyroligneous acid, even though they are used as supplement for plants, were not effective in controlling the maize white spot.


Zea mays L.; Chemical control; Pantoea ananatis; Antibiotic.


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DOI: 10.5433/1679-0359
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