Biomass and nutrients in Eucalyptus urograndis stands in southeastern Mountain Range-RS

Márcio Viera, Darlan Michel Bonacina, Mauro Valdir Schumacher, Francine Neves Calil, Marcos Vinícius Winckler Caldeira, Luciano Farinha Watzlawick


This study had as objective to quantify biomass and nutrients, in an 18 months Eucalyptus urograndis stand in southeastern mountain range, Piratini-RS. Twenty-four (24) plots (15.0 m x 22.5 m) were allocated; after that, one tree (with diameter at breast height) was felled in each plot. The tree was fractionated in the following fractions of above ground biomass: wood, bark, branches and leaves. Total biomass was 18.5 Mg ha-1, being the wood the fraction with highest biomass (37%), followed by branches (34.2%), leaves (21.3%) and bark (7.6%). Leaves showed highest nutrients concentrations, being statistically superior to other fractions (p<0.05), excepted for Ca, Mg and B. For macronutrients, the accumulation magnitude was Ca > N > K > Mg > P > S, and for micronutrients was Mn > Fe > B > Zn > Cu. Highest amount of nutrients is contained on leaves component, due to the highest nutrients concentration, excepted for Ca, Mg and Cu that are located in large quantities in the branches.


Forestry nutrition; Forestry production; Nutrients.


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