The effect of container volume on seedling production and initial growth of Jatropha curcas L. on the Western Parana

Michelle Cristina Ajala, Noele Farias de Aquino, Ubirajara Contro Malavasi, Marlene de Matos Malavasi


This study compares the influence of the volume of containers in seedling production and growth during the first year of Jatropha in western Paraná. The production of seedlings in the nursery of 1,178 cm3 used plastic bags and containers of 120 cm3 and 180 cm3 filled with commercial substrate. Measurements included increments in height, stem diameter and leaf area. After planting, measurements every three months included the increase in number of leaves, branches, and the survival percentage. At the end of the nursery production phase the largest increase in height (1.56 cm) and stem diameter (1.3 mm) were measured in seedlings of J. curcas conducted in 1,178 cm3 plastic bags, whereas the values calculated for seedlings from other containers resulted in values of 1.24 cm and 1.2 mm from 180 cm3 plugs, and 1.48 cm and 1.1 mm from 120 cm3 plugs. After planting, there were no differences in the increments in height, stem diameter, leaf number, number of branches (primary and secondary) and mortality rate due to container volume. The increments obtained in the first quarter after planting showed higher values for stem diameter, leaf number, and mortality. J.curcas seedlings sown in late August and conducted in the nursery from September to November in containers of 120 cm3, and planted in December in a dystrophic red alfisol in western Paraná resulted in growth equivalent to that of seedlings grown in containers with greater volume with saving of substrate, space and efforts in the nursery.


Physic nut; Plug; Forest nursery; Morphometry.


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