Perineal hernia in sheep containing pregnancy uterus

Roberta Garbelini Gomes, Mariana Cosenza, Júlio Augusto Naylor Lisbôa, Augusto José Savioli de Almeida Sampaio


Herniations and eventrations are ordinary events of buiatric clinic. Umbilical and inguinal hernias are well described, but perineal hernias in small ruminant animals are not so mentioned. Even though being the perineal hernia more common in cats and dogs, it might be occasionally observed in pregnant sheep close to delivery, being the gravid uterus rarely as content. The present study describes the event of perineal hernia with gravid uterus as content in a sheep of approximately one year old with no breed defined with a pregnancy period about 120 days. The adopted procedure included surgical reduction of the hernia, but without the closure of the hernial ring. The animal presented excellent recovery without post-surgery complications.


Perineal hernia; Paresis; Sheep


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