Normal probability plots for evaluation of seeds distribution mechanisms in seeders

Daniel Albiero, Antonio José da Silva Maciel, Kleber Pereira Lanças, Leonardo de Almeida Monteiro, Carlos Alberto Viliotti, Renildo Luis Mion


Currently great emphasis is given for seed metering that assist rigorous demands in relation to longitudinal distribution of seeds, as well as to the index of fails in spacing laws, breaks and double seeds. The evaluation of these variable demands much time and work of attainment of data and processing. The objective of this work went propose to use of graphs of normal probability, facilitating the treatment of the data and decreasing the time of processing. The evaluation methodology consists in the counting of broken seeds, fail spacing and double seeds through the measure of the spacing among seeds, preliminary experiments through combinations of treatments had been carried through whose factors of variation were the level of the reservoir of seeds, the leveling of the seed metering, the speed of displacement and dosage of seeds. The evaluation was carried through in two parts, first through preliminary experiments for elaboration of the graphs of normal probability and later in experiments with bigger sampling for evaluation of the influence of the factors most important. It was done the evaluation of seed metering of rotating internal ring, and the amount of necessary data for the evaluation was very decreased through of the graphs of normal probability that facilitated to prioritize only the significant factors. The dosage of seeds was factor that more important because factor (D) have greater significance.


Precision planter; Graphic methods; Probability.


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