Concentrate supplementation in lambs finished at pasture on cost of production in the dry season

Luiz Juliano Valério Geron, Alexandre Agostinho Mexia, Jocilaine Garcia, Marciano Moreira da Silva, Lúcia Maria Zeoula


The objective was evaluate the levels of concentrate supplementation (0.0%, 0.5%, 1.0% and 1.5% of body weight – BW) consisting of cottonseed with ground corn (CSGC) in proportion 50% each in lambs finished on pasture (Grass Marandu) slaughtered at 31.7 kg BW, on average daily gain (ADG), days of supplementation (DS) and cost of production in the dry season. We used 20 lambs with initial BW 19 ± 0.5 kg in four treatments. CSGC supplementation was provided in stalls separated by level of supplementation the eighteen hours daily. We used a completely randomized design to determine ADG and DS lambs supplemented with different levels of CSGC. The data of ADG and DS were evaluated by regression analysis considering 5% significance. The different levels of supplementation CSGC influenced quadratic (p < 0.05) ADG and DS lambs on pasture. The level of supplementation CSGC to 1.0% BW in lambs finished at pasture in the dry season had the best value of total lucre for the warm carcass of U$ 9,585.00. It was observed that the level of 0.0% BW of concentrate supplementation had the lesser total expenditure amounting to U$ 7,317.82 in relation to other levels of supplementation. It was found that best value of net revenue per month the of U$ 419.75 was obtained for lambs finished on pasture supplemented with a level of 1.0% BW of concentrate containing CSGC. Thus, conclude that lambs finished at pasture can be supplemented with the level of 1.0% BW of CSGC which improves ADG, reduces the DS beyond present the lucre best net /month for this activity.


By-product; Operating cost; Days supplementation; Lucre net.


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