Contaminação de poços rasos por bactérias do grupo coliformes e estreptococos fecais em Minas Gerais

A.C.F.B. Carvalho


The aim of this work was to determine the drinkable conditions of the water of shallow well as the construction and hygienic aspects of the same. Were analysed 30 samples of water and all of them were contaminated by total coliforms, 23 (76,6%) by faecal coliforms and 28 (93,3%) by faecal streptococci. It was also observed that only 14 (46,6%) of the wells presented appropiate conditions. When considered the patterns established by the National Committee of Standards and Patterns for Food (CNNPA) it was established that only 7 (23,3%) of the samples analysed were drinkable, but the constriction and hygienic aspects were not satisfactory refleting in the bactériologie quality of the water. We recommend the re-parison of these wells and the chlorination of the water, using simple chlorinators for the improvement of the water quality.



Health Public; Water; Water; Bacteriological quality; Shallow wells.


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DOI: 10.5433/1679-0359
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