Soroaglutinação para brucelose humana em populações profissionalmente expostas no norte do Paraná e Jaguaruana – Ceara

Shiduca Itow Jankevicius, José Vítor Jankevicius


Tube, plate and card serum agglutination tests for human brucellosis were applied to 1.662 serum samples from workers in slaughter houses and rural populations from the North of Parana and from Cearâ (Brazil). The results showed mean prevalence rates of 5% for slaugher house workers and 2,2% for rural populations of Parana, J 1,4% for in intrabitants of artificially irrigated areas and 9,1% for populations in the Ceará state. The sex distribution of agglutination tests was 7,6% in males and 3,4% in females in Parana while the incidence was practically equal in both sexes (10,6% in males and 10, 7% in females) in Ceará. The presence of positive tests in young children and in females permit us to characterize human bmcellosis as alimentary transmission disease in Ceará while presents professional disease characteristics in Parana.


Human brucellosis; Serum agglutination tests; Professional disease; Alimentary transmission.


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