Leptospire infection in swine of the Ribeirão Preto region, Brazil

Fernando Antonio de Ávila, Selma Helena Pinheiro de Ávila, Paulo Roberto Bissaco de Almeida, Ruben Francisco de Carvalho, Guilherme da Costa Pinto


Sera of 262 swines from six towships in the Ribeirão Preto region, Brazil, were examined by rapid microaglutinations test for leptospires. Two hundred and twenty six sera were collected from sows, 16 from boars and 20 slaughtered animals. The results showed that 13. 71 % of the sows, 18.75% of the boars and 20.00% of the slaughtered swine were positive. The highest were found in two positive sera for serotypes pyrogenes and javanica in the dilution 1 :1.600. Statistical analysis showed that the breed, sex and breeding phase did not significantly affect frequency of leptospire infection in swine.


Leptospire; Swine.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.1984v5n16p44

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