Paravertebral cutaneous hemangiosarcoma in dog causing medular compression

Rogério Anderson Marcasso, Mônica Vicky Bahr Arias, Paula Cava Rodrigues, Ana Paula Frederico Rodrigues Loureiro Bracarense


A seven-year-old male Scottish terrier was examined at the Veterinary Hospital of the Universidade Estadual de Londrina due to a toracolumbar syndrome classified as V degree and a mass in lumbar region back right of slow growth with evaluation of two months. Myelography showed an interruption of the column of contrast between the 11th and 12th thoracic vertebrae. A hemilaminectomy was performed in this region. Spinal cord compression at this location was not observed, however during the caudal enlargement of hemilaminectomy it was visualized in the region of the fourth lumbar vertebrae, a spinal cord deviation to the left, due to the presence of a reddish mass at the right side that was diagnosed as a tumor infiltration in the vertebrae with cord compression. Surgical removal with appropriate margin was not possible. In histology, the tumor was classified as hemangiosarcoma. This report emphasizes the importance of considering the possibility of cancer as differential diagnosis of paraplegias, even in acute clinical changes.


Hemangiosarcoma; Paraplegia; Toracolumbar syndrome; Dog


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