Fungal agents of dermatophytosis in dogs and cats from Xanxerê county, Santa Catarina

Valdenice Félix da Silva, Guilherme Drescher, Samara Paula Mattiello, Lilian Kolling, Graziela Müller, Andreia Ines Ferronatto, Janio de Moraes Santurio, Mateus Matiuzzi da Costa



Dermatophytosis is one of the main diseases of soft tissue pets, especially dogs and cats, as the etiological agents are responsible for important zoonotic disease sometimes difficult to treat. The presence of pathogenic fungi on the skin lesions associated with alopecia, border demarcated, and itching of mild intensity characterizes dermatophytosis. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of fungal species involved in cases of dermatophytosis in companion animals showing lesions. We performed skin scrapings of skin lesions of 41 (forty-one) dogs and 7 (seven) cats. The samples were sent to the Laboratory of Microbiology UNOESC - Xanxerê for possible isolation. The hair of animals were subjected to direct examination under a microscope to detect the existence of possible changes. Subsequently, it was the cultivation of the samples in Sabouraud agar containing antibiotics. Fungi were identified by macroscopic morphology of the microculture technique. In dogs, the direct examination reported eleven (26.8%) positive by the visualization of lesions and arthroconidia. After cultivation of 41 samples collected from dogs, six (14.6%) showed a growth of dermatophytes. Of the positive samples, 50% (3/6) were identified as Microsporum canis, 33.30% (2/6) and M. gypseum and 16.67% (1/6) and M. nanum. In cats, the seven samples tested by direct examination, three (42.8%) were positive, however no positive cultures were obtained in cats, when the exam. Dermatophytosis was confirmed in a few animals, even upon the occurrence of lesions highly suggestive.


Dermatophytosis; Xanxerê; Dogs and cats.


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