Phenological behaviour of Vitis rotundifolia cultivars in Pinhais – PR

Sergio Denega, Luiz Antonio Biasi, Flávio Zanette


The aim of this work was to characterize the phenological cycle of nine Vitis rotundifolia cultivars during the 2004/2005 season. The cultivars were Bontiful, Creek, Dixie, Magnolia, Magoon, Noble, Regale, Roanoke e Topsail. The experiment was performed on an orchard implanted in 1999 at the Canguiri Experimental Station of the Federal University of Paraná in Pinhais-PR. The phenology of two adult plants of each cultivar was monitored. The recorded phenological stages were: 1) Dormant bud; 2) Swollen bud; 3) Wool bud; 4) Green tip; 5) Bud burst (first leaf appearance); 6) Two to three leaves unfolded; 7) Five to six leaves unfolded; 8) Fully developed inflorescence; 9) Trace bloom (flowerhoods detached); 10) Full flowering (50% of the flowerhoods fallen); 11) Fruit set; 12) Groat-sized berries; 13) Pea-sized berries; 14) 50% filled berries (beginning to touch berries); 15) Final size; 16) Color change; 17) Berries ripe for harvest; and 18) End of harvesting. A very long phenological cycle was observed when compared to species such as Vitis vinifera and Vitis labrusca. These evaluations allowed us to conclude that: a) there is no difference in the phenological cycle periods between bronze and dark skinned cultivars; b) cultivars presented desuniform wool bud to full flowering cycle, ranging from 25 days (‘Regale’) to 81 days (‘Creek’); c) the cultivar Regale presented the longest cycle (203 days) from full flowering to harvest and the cultivar Creek the shortest (136 days). The evaluated cultivars additionally presented desuniform ripening and a tendency to drop berries.


Phenology; Vines; Muscadines; Fruit production


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Londrina - PR
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DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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