Mineral fertilization and organic fertilization on chrysanthemun growth

Ana Maria Conte e Castro, Osvaldo Sato, Kleber Henrique dos Santos, Rafael Aguiar Zaparolli, Sérgio Birello Sartori, Gilberto Bueno Demétrio


The objective was to evaluated organic products in comparison with mineral fertilization in the growth of chrysanthemum crop. The experimental design was randomized blocks with seven treatments and nine replications. The treatments were T1 (100% of commercial substratum - CS+ mineral fertilization - AM1); T2 (100% of CS + AM2); T3 (100% of CS + AM3); T4 (100% of CS + AM4); T5 (70% of CS + 30% bovine manure); T6 (70% of CS + 30% of sheep manure); T7 (70% of CS + 30% poultry manure). The mineral fertilization was carried through fertigation with AM1 = (calcium nitrate 0,2g L-1, ammonium sulphate 0,4 g L-1, potassium nitrate 0,2 g L-1, magnesium sulphate 0,3 g L-1and mono ammonium 0,05 phosphate g L-1), in the dosage of 50 ml for pot, AM2 = ULTRAFLOR® (12% N, 6% P2O5, 12% K2O), applying 0,8g pot -1, monthly, AM3= Nutriverde® = 13% N, 13% P2O5, 15% K2O, 1% Here, 4% S, 1% Mg, 0.05% B, 0.005% Co, 0.05% Cu, 0.2% Faith, 0.005% Me, 0.1% Zn, applying 2,6 g L-1 (100 m L pot -1), fortnightly and AM4 =Ouro Verde® = 15% N, 15% P2O5, 20% K2O, applying 2,0 g pot -1, fortnightly. It was evaluated the number of secondary stems, plant height, stem diameter and the inflorescences diameter, leaf number and inflorescences number and aerial fresh mass weight. The formulated mineral fertilization (T1) or manure of bovine (T5) or poultry (T7) is recommended. Among the commercial products the Nutriverde® is suggested to be used.


Organic fertilizer; Substratum; Dendranthema grandiflora.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2010v31n1p93

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