Storage of white chrysanthemum under room conditions using preservative solutions

Leirson Rodrigues da Silva, Silvanda de Melo Silva


The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of preservative solutions on the maintenance of postharvest quality of white type chysanthemum flowers (Dendrathema grandiflora T.).  Flowers were kept at room temperature (24 ± 2°C and 85 ± 2 % UR), under the following treatments: distilled water (control); sodium hypochloride solutions (80ppm and 800 ppm); sucrose solutions (10% and 15 %) and hidroxyquinoline solutions (0.04% and 0.08 %).  Flowers were stored under these treatments during 18 days, being the solutions changed each 4 days.  The following evaluations were done: longevity (scores from 0 to 4), flower appearance (scores from 1 to 9). Sodium hipochloride solutions at 80ppm and 800 ppm reduced white chrysanthemum longevity as compared to control.  The utilization the hidroxyquinoline solutions at 0.04% and 0.08 % had no effects on flower longevity or quality maintenance. The preservative solution utilizing 10 % of sucrose kept the postharvest quality during 17 days, providing flowers with lower percentage of dark spots, and lower index of petals and leaves damage.


Sodium hypochloride; Hidroxyquinoline; Sucrose; Postharvest; Dendranthema grandiflora T


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