Vegetative and fruit characteristics of papaya trees obtained by mass selection

Mariela Mattos da Silva, Sabrina Garcia Broetto, Sigrid Costa Valbão, Adelaide de Fátima Santana da Costa, Diolina Moura Silva


The present work had as purpose to evaluate some characteristics of papaya trees (Carica papaya L.), Golden cultivar, obtained trough plant mass selection, regarding plant and fruit quality in the first months of production. The samples were evaluated in a commercial crop at: 0, 20, 40, 70, 130, 180, 230, 260, 280, 310 and 340 days after the planting (DAP) and the first fruits were harvested at 230 DAP. The results showed the low height (199cm in 340 DAP) and low first flowering’s heigth (71cm), which is important to facilitate the harvest process. The plants presented good yield with high number of leafs (allowing a great area of fruit cover) and about 60 fruits per plant. The fruits kept similar features to cv. Golden. The fruit’s fresh weight ranged from 302.4 to 467.5g, which is in the range of the Brazilian market. The pulp thickness was 2.35cm, which is a feature of great economic interest. The pulp thickness showed close relation with climatic factors, and great variations of temperature and precipitation accelerated the pulp loss of thickness.


Carica papaya L.; Breeding; Fruit quality


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