Ascite por cirrose hepática em bovino

Laurenil Gaste, Wilmar Sachetin Marçal, Ney Carlos Reichert Netto, Peter Reichmann, Lúcio Carvalho


A case of ascitis is described in a Holstein breed cow weighing 540 Kg, with exagerated bilateral abdominal distention. After clinical exam, retal palpation and abdominocentesis an exploratory laparotomy was performed, during which about 100 liters of a translucid, serous and red tinged liquid were drained. The liver was palpated through the surgical incision and an excessive large size and firm consistency was verified. It was also noted an enlarged gall bladder with a thrichemed wall. At necropsy hidropericard, subcutaneos gelatinous edema and edematous and enfisematous lung were found. Histopathology confirmed hepatic cirrosis.



Ascitis; Cirrosis; Bovine.


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DOI: 10.5433/1679-0359
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