Subclinical mastitis by Corynebacterium bovis in catle from northern Paraná, Brazil

Elena Mettifogo, Ernst Eckehardt Muller, Julio Cesar de Freitas, Jane Megid, Amauri Alcindo Alfieri, Vanerli Beloti


A total of 493 hollander cows were examinated through California Mastitis Test (CMT) in the northern Paraná, for the purpose of studying the occurence of Corynebacterium bovis on subclinical bovine mastitis. Among the 225 milk samples that were positive in the CMT, the C. bovis was isolated in 58 (25,77%). The average microscopic count of somatic cells in milk samples with C. bovis was 1.032.420 cells/ml and the colonies count ware of 912,88 on blood agas (BA) and 879,63 CFU/ml of milk on Plate Count Agar (PCA).



Mastitis; Corynebacrtrium bovis; Bovine.


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