Performance of elite cultivars of industrial cassava in savannah area of Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil

Auro Akio Otsubo, Osmar Rodrigues Brito, Fábio Martins Mercante, Victor Hugo Nakase Otsubo, Marcos Aparecido Gonçalves, Tiago Santos Telles


The work was carried out to evaluate the performance of industrial type of the elite cassava cultivars, in Sao Gabriel do Oeste, MS, Brazil, in typical area of savannah vegetation. The IAC 12, IAC 13, IAC 14, IAC 15, IAC 576, Fécula Branca, Espeto and Fibra cultivars were evaluated on plant height, fresh mass of shoots, fresh mass of planting stub, number of root, root production, starch content and harvest index. The experimental design was a randomized block with eight treatments (cultivars) and five replications. The crop was installed using spacing of 0,90m x 0,70m between lines. The harvest was done six months after the planting date. The cultivar IAC 14 presented the highest plant height. IAC14 and IAC 15 presented the highest fresh matter production of the shoot. The cultivars IAC 12, IAC 13, IAC 14, IAC 15 and Fibra presented the highest yields. The cultivars IAC 576 and Espeto had the lowest root production. The highest contents of starch, in decreasing order, were observed to IAC 13, IAC 12, IAC 14, Fiber and IAC 15.


Manihot esculenta; Clones; Dry matter; Starch


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