Characterization of visual symptoms of micronutrient deficiencys of “salada” group tomato plants

Rosa Honorato de Oliveira, Myrne Jamilly Souza Lima, Hercílio de Assis Pereira-Júnior, Tiyoko Nair Hojo Rebouças, Otoniel Magalhães Morais, Bruno Vinícius Castro Guimarães, Cláudio Azevedo Nolasco


The aim of this research work was to characterize the visual symptoms of micronutrient deficiencies of tomato plants. A greenhouse experiment with nutrient solutions was used with “Salada” group tomato hybrid plants. Treatments were as follows: complete, minus B, minus Zn, minus Mn, minus Mo, minus Fe, and minus Cu.  Except the omission of Cu, the other omissions resulted in morphological alteration with peculiar symptoms.  The symptoms occurred firstly and had highest intensity when either Fe or Zn was deficient. The sequence of symptoms was Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Mo and B. The Zn deficiency caused fruit cracking and the B omition caused blossom-end rot.


Lycopersicon esculentum; Sintomatology; Nutrient solution


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