Chemical characterization of strawberry fruits in the organic and conventional cropping systems in pots

Letícia Kurchaidt Pereira Camargo, Juliano Tadeu Vilela de Resende, Alexandre Gonçalves Galvão, João Eduardo Baier, Marcos Ventura Faria, Cristhiano Kopanski Camargo


The nutritional quality of strawberry fruits of the cultivars Camarosa and Sweet Charlie cultivated in organic and conventional cropping systems was compared based on chemical characterization of the fruits by analyses of soluble solids content (SS), titratable acidity (AT), ratio (SS/AT), humidity, reducer sugars and total sugars. The experiment was performed in completely randomized blocks design, with four replications. There were differentiated effects of the cropping systems on the most of the evaluated traits and on the behavior of cultivars in each cropping system. The conventional cropping system was more effective in increasing contents of SS, AT and SS/AT in cultivar Sweet Charlie and the organic cropping system in cultivar Camarosa. The humidity in the conventional cropping system was significantly higher than that obtained from the organic cultivar Sweet Charlie. The percentages of total sugars in the conventional cropping system were statistically higher when compared with the organic for cultivar Sweet Charlie. It was verified a differentiated behavior of the cultivars in relation to the cropping system, for the most of evaluated traits.


Fragaria x ananassa; Chemical analysis; Ccropping systems


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