Septicemia caused by Salmonella sp in capybara (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris).

Ênio Pedone Bandarra, Carla Adriene Da Silva, Helio Langoni, Wilson Uieda


The recent researches about diseases that can affect wild animels have been emphasized. The purpose of this paper is to contribute and to add information to existent scientific literature, reporting a case of septicemia caused by Salmonella sp in adult female capybara (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris), sent to the Veterinary Hospital FMVZ - UNESP/Botucatu for necroscopic examination. The previous history reported sudden death after 45 days from capture and maintenance under stress conditions. The post morten examination showed cutaneous scratches in the pelvic limbs extremities, pneumonia, ulcerous gastritis, catarrhal-hemorrhagic enterities and generalized congestion, especially in the lung, liver and brain. Having collected some material from these organs (lung, liver and brain), it was possible to isolate a pure and abundant colony of Salmonella sp in mice, by means of culture and inoculation.



Capybara; Hydrcctiaeris hidrochaeris; Salmonelosis; Septicemia; Salmonella sp.


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