Analysis of the efficiency of the milk-pasteurization system after packaging in the Northern region of Paraná State.

Vanerli Beloti, Elizabete Regina Marangoni Marana, Claudia Yurika Tamehiro, Roberta Lemos Freire, Márcia de Aguiar Ferreira Barros


This paper aimed at evaluating the efficiency of the milk pasteurization system after packaging, which was carried out in a farm in the Northern region of Paraná State. Six samples werw collected once a week (three samples before pasteurization and three after it). This was done during ten weeks with the total of sixty samples. The physical-chemical analysis and microbiological tests were performed according to the Laboratório Nacional de Referência Animal (LANARA). The results of the analysis showed a decrease in the number of microorganisms and the efficiency of the system was 99,96%. However, the heat system showed to be unstable, not allowing heat homogeneity. The samples of the same had an alteration in the fat percentage and consequently in their density and total dry matter (EST).



Milk; Pasteurization.


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