Chemical control of boll weevil (Anthonomus grandis Boh., 1843).

Maurício Ursi Ventura, Pedro Manuel Oliveira Jeneiro Neves


The research was performed in order to evaluate the insecticide efficiency in the control of A. grandis in cotton crop. Two field experiments were carried out. The first with 10 insecticide treatments: Esfenvarelate (SUMIDAN 20% CE (20, 25 and 30 g ai/ha) and Esfenvarelate (SUMIDAN 15% SC (20,25; 24,75 and 30 g ai/ha)), Esfenvaretale + Fenitrotion (PIREPHOS (16 + 320 and 24 + 480 g ai/ha)), Fenvarelate (SUMICIDIN 200 (80 g ai/ ha)) and Deltametrin (DECIS 50 SC (10 g ai/ha)). The second one with five inseticide treatments: Fipronil (REGENT 800 WDG (64, 80 and 100 g ai/ha)) and Fipronil (REGENT 200 SC (75 g ai/ha)) and Endosulfan (THIODAN CE (700 g ai/ha). The damaged squares percentage was determined after the fourth weekly spraying of the insecticides and the cotton production. Satisfactory control percentages and productions were obtained with Esfenvarelate and Deltametrin, CS formulation, Fipronil, WDG and CS formulations, and Endosulfan.



Insecta; Pest; Chemical control.


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