Effects of growth regulators on Poncirus trifoliata x Citrus paradisi seeds germination.

Elizabeth Orika Ono, Sarita Leonel, João Domingos Rodrigues


The objective of this research was study the effects of kinetin and gibberellins on Poncirus trifoliata x Citrus paradisi seed germination. The medium for seed germination was filter paper moisted with distilled water. The seeds were removed from ripe fruits, washed, dried and placed in refrigerator at 4-5°C. After that, the seeds were treated with growth regulators during 24 hours. The treatments were H2O; 50 mg/l de GA3; 250 mg/l de GA3, 50 mg/l de GA4 + GA7 + phenylmethylaminepurine; 100 mg/l de GA4 + GA7 + phenylmethylaminepurine; 20 mg/l of phenylmethylaminepurine; 40 mg/l of phenylmethylaminepurine. The evaluations were accomplished every two days starting 10 days after seeding. The GA3 50 or 250 mg/l proved to be most beneficial in enhancing seed germination.



Poncirus trifoliata x Citrus paradisi; Gibberellin; Kinetin; Seeds germination.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.1995v16n1p47

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