Effect of salt and sugar in the properties of snacks with fiber.

Elizabeth Harumi Nabeshima, Martha Zavariz de Miranda, Maria Victória Eiras Grossmann


The influence of salt (2 and 3%) and sugar (6 and 8%) on physicochemical characteristics of snacks produced with cassava starch (70%) and brewer's spent grain (30%) was studied. The blends were conditioned to 20% moisture and processed in a single screw extruder (Cerealtec International), with 3:1 compression ratio, screw speed of 150 rpm and 4 mm die diameter. The feed rate was maintained constant and the temperatures were 80°C in the first zone and 170°C in the heating zone and in the die. The expansion of snacks containing salt or sugar differed significantly from the control, occuring a proportional increase with concentration. The specific volumes decreased with sugar or salt concentration increase. The water absorption index and water solubility index did not present a significant difference.



Extrusion; Snacks; Fiber; Ingredients.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.1995v16n1p43

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