Radiographic diagnosis of dogs and cats with nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism.

Domingos José Sturion, Patrícia Mendes Pereira


The objective this work was to analyze the radiographic findings executed in the Veterinary Hospital of Universidade Estadual de Londrina from 1978 to 1993 in order to obtain the casuistry of nutritional secondary hiperparathyroidism, trying to observe the distribution related to sex, race, stade of nutrition and type of feeding. A hundred thirty six cats and eighty one dogs, from different races were found in the radiographic findings, the majority belonging the male sex. The most damaged species were those to six months. In the analysis of dogs race we could confirm a great percentage of animals belonging to bog races. The apparent nutrition state was fine for the majority of the animals. The feeding of those animals was deficient in Ca or rich in P. leading to an unbalanced diet



Nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism; Dogs; Cats; Feeding.


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