The use of successive milking as a procedure for the elimination of infection on due to Prototheca spp in cases of bovine clinical mastitis. (A case report)

Aline Aartioli Machado Yamamura, Elena Mettifogo, Márcia Kiyoe Shimada


This work relates the case of two animals (Black and White Holstein) from a bovine milking herd, from north of Paraná State, in which mastitis due Prototheca spp was diagnosed. As a procedure for the infection elimination, it was opted for the use of successive milking performed six times daily, during eight days. The animals were followed up through mycological cultures from milk Samples after 15, 30 and 60 days from the beginning of the procedure. The clinical signs regressed after three days and the mycologicai cultures were negative after the 15th day.



Bovine mastitis; Prototheca spp; Protothecosis.


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