Feed intake

Daniele Maggioni, Jair de Araújo Marques, Polyana Pizzi Rotta, Fernando Zawadzki, Roberto Haruyoshi Ito, Ivanor Nunes do Prado


The vast majority of livestock are fed ad libitum, with free access to feed during most of the time. In order to achieve efficient production, it is necessary to raise levels of voluntary feed intake – in general, the more the animal eats, the more it produces and the more efficient it becomes. Intake amounts are guided by nutritional requirements, and an approximate estimate of how much an animal will ingest can be calculated from levels of protein, energy and other nutrients required for maintenance and production. However, there are several factors that can interfere with the concordance between requirements and actual intake, such as feed volume, which can be a determinant factor for achieved intake, especially in ruminants.


Energy; Extrinsic factors; Intrinsic factors; Protein

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2009v30n4p963

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