Attributes of packing and intention for purchase towards orange juice and nectar

Marcela Tostes Frata, Marta de Toledo Benassi, Valéria de Paula Rodrigues, Sandra Helena Prudêncio


The attributes of five packages of orange juice and orange nectar were evaluated by focus group and conjoint analysis techniques. The attributes and levels were identified such as brand name (well known and less known), price (high and low), information (“natural, “no food preservative”, “vitamin C-rich” and without information) and type of juice (juice and nectar), as being relevant to consumers purchase attitude. Eight packages images containing different combinations of the chosen attributes were elaborated, according to a fractional factorial design (24-1). The images were evaluated, in terms of purchase intention, by 101 consumers. There was a segmentation of the consumers in three groups according to the similarity in the purchase behavior. The previous knowledge of the brand name, low price and the declarations of “natural”, “no food preservatives” and “vitamin C-rich” in the frontal part of the packing reveal to be important to improve the commercialization of the product.


Focus group; Conjoint analysis; Consumer’s behavior; Sensory analysis; Labelling


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