Flowering induction of Hemerocallis hybrida cv. Graziela Barroso by gibberellic acid aplication

Michelle Melissa Althaus-Ottmann, Ricardo Serra Borsatto, Katia Christina Zuffellato-Ribas, Henrique Soares Koehler, Nilce Nazareno da Fonte


Hemerocallis spp. production is important in Santa Catarina State. The flowers have a great use in landscaping, and bloom in spring. This work had the aim of studying the flower induction in Hemerocallis hybrida cv Graziela Barroso by different applications of gibberellic acid (0 mgL-1 control; 15 mgL-1; 30 mgL-1 GA3) during summer, autumn and winter. A completely randomized design was used. Treatments represented a factorial arrangement of three GA3 concentrations and ten application occasions in each season. Interaction between the factors was evaluated by the following variables: dry matter (summer) - the best value found was 13,81 g (in 30 mgL-1 GA3) in the April, 16 application, and foliar area (autumn) - 436,3 cm2 (in 30 mgL-1 GA3) the July, 1st application. The gibberellic acid cannot be indicated to increase the commercial qualities (blooming and growing) of Hemerocallis hybrida cv Graziela Barroso.


Daylily; Gibberellin; Ornamental plants

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2009v30n4p825

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