Seedling length test in the evaluation of the physiological quality of Erythrina velutina Willd seeds

Roberta Sales Guedes, Edna Ursulino Alves, Edilma Pereira Gonçalves, Jeandson Silva Viana, Matheus Serrano de Medeiros, Cosmo Rufino de Lima


Amongst the vigor tests, the test of length of seedlings has potential to give complementary informations to the germination test and makes possible to estimate the potential of emergence of seedlings in the field. The aim of this research work was to inquire the possibility of use of the length of seedlings test as a method of vigor to classify lots of seeds of Erythrina velutina. The physiological quality of five lots of E. velutina was evaluated by tests of viability and vigor, developed in laboratory and field. The length of the root of seedlings of E. velutina was more sensible to differentiate lots than the traditional methods. The length of seedlins, or its parts, distinguished the five lots from seeds only when its average results were divided by the number of seeds in test, showing to be the most efficient form to classify lots of high quality and with subtle differences of vigor.


Mulungu; Germination; Vigor


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Londrina - PR
E-ISSN 1679-0359
DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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