Sugar-cane rooting system submited to dosis of gypsium, lime, and vinasses.

Cristiane de Conti Medina, Roberto Armando Hartmann Robaina Robaina Júnior, Carmen Silvia Vieira J. Neves, Oswaldo Brinholi



There was carried out an experiment to evaluate the sugar-cane rooting system, var. IAC 58-480. submited to dosis of gypsium, time, and vinasses, in "Terra Roxa Estruturada" soil. The experiment was set in a randomized block design with four treatments and four replications. The treatments were: experiment A: T1 = 1,2 ton ha-1of lime; T2= 0,6 ton ha-1 of lime + 2,4 ton ha-1 of gypsum; T3= 9,6 ton ha1 of gypsum and T4 = control; all treatments received 45 m3 ha-1 of vinasses. In experiment B the same treatments were applied without vinasses. The method to evaluate the roots was the wall profile. The results showed that application of vinasses improved the rooting system in surface at experiment A, and at experiment 8 there was better distribution in depth. The superficial layers tended to have a rooting system similar in distribution in the both experiments in all the treatments. In layer 30-50 cm there was difference in root amount.



Saccharum spp; By-product; Soil management; Roots; Residue.


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