Leptopirosis in animal of animal house of Biologic Science Center of Londrina State University

Donizeti Rodrigues Belitardo, Júlio César de Freitas, Ernst Eckehardt Muller


Leptospirosis has been described in laboratory animal house of several countries happening among mice. albino rats. guinea pigs, dogs, rabbits, monkeys and man. The laboratory animal house of Biologic Science Center of Londrina State University maintains and breeds several species of animals and stray dogs trapped in citíes of Paraná State. In this paper w e r e utilized for leptospirosis research, 325 wistar rats. 323 albino mice. 289 dogs, 135 rabbits. 119 guinea pigs, and 57 black rats trapped around of animal house. The microscopic agglutination test with 22 cultures of Leptospira interrogans showed positive results in 110 dogs and o n e guinea pig, having been found antibodies against serovars canicola (62, 7%), pyrogenes (51,8%), castellonis (30.9%) and icterobaemorrhagiae (23,6%). The dark field microscopy examination of 574 urine samples (282 albino mice, 224 wistar rats, 29 black rats, 24 dogs, 13 rabbits and two guinea pigs) showed positive resuíts in six dogs. The seven attempts of urine and kidneys isolation were negatives.



Leptospirosis; Animal house; Microscopic agglutination test.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2000v21n1p19

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