Body size in beef cows and its influence on calf production

Carina Crizel da Vara, Magali Floriano da Silveira, Ricardo Zambarda Vaz, João Restle, Diego Soares Machado, Stefani Macari


Cattle farming becomes more intensive when the productive efficiency of the cows is increased, and nutrition is adjusted to the animal biotype. Eighty purebred Charolais and Nellore cows and their crosses between 3 and 7 years of age, were grouped for body weight at calving into Light (332.6 kg), Moderate (385.3 kg) and Heavy (444.6 kg). Cows and their calves were weighed at calving, at 63 days (early weaning) and at 210 days. The estimated milk production of the cows was evaluated by manual milking at 21, 42 and 63 days postpartum. The difference in the weight of the cows at calving was maintained during lactation and at 210 days postpartum. The body size of the cow did not influence milk production. Heavier cows produce heavier calves up to 365 days of age compared to lighter cows. The reproductive performance of the cows is not affected by their weight. The production of kilograms of calf for every 100 kilograms of cow at calving and weaning is higher in Light cows. The production of kilograms of calf adjusted for the pregnancy rate of the cows is higher in Heavy cows. Production efficiency in kilograms of calf per area is lower in Heavy cows.


Efficiency; Frame; Milk production; Weight gain.

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