Evaluation of rehydrated corn grain silage with okara or soybean inclusion in the performance of lactating cows

Tamara Tais Tres, Clóves Cabreira Jobim, Robson Marcelo Rossi, Antonio Vinicius Iank Bueno, Viviane Carnaval Gritti


This study aimed to evaluate dry matter intake, nutrient digestibility, milk production and composition, and feed efficiency of cows fed corn grain silages with okara or raw soybean inclusion. Six Holstein cows were distributed in a double Latin square and arranged in the following treatments: concentrate formulated based on corn grain silage with 30% okara inclusion; concentrate of corn grain silage with 20% raw soybean inclusion, and concentrate based on dry corn grains. Statistical analysis was performed using Bayesian inference. Diets formulated with silages reduced dry matter intake compared to the diet of concentrate based on dry grains. High digestibility of DM, OM, NFC, and EE was observed for diets with silage inclusion. Milk presented an increase in CLA for the diet of corn grain silage diet with soybean inclusion. Rehydrated grain corn silage with soybean or okara inclusion reduced dry matter intake and increased nutrient digestibility, maintaining the same milk production, which demonstrates the higher efficiency of these diets.


Fatty acids; Conjugated dienes; Feed efficiency. Agricultural by-product; Milk production.

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