Evaluation of equine (Equus cabbalus) corneal endothelium stored in EUSOL-C® preservation medium

Luciane de Albuquerque, Anita Marchionatti Pigatto, João Antonio Tadeu Pigatto


The objective of this study was evaluate the maintenance of the corneal endothelium of horses in cold EUSOL-C® preservation medium over different periods (seven and 14 days) using scanning electron microscopy. A total of 20 pairs of eyes from horses were analysed. The corneas were divided into four groups of 10 corneas each (G1, G2, G3 and G4): G1 - the samples were kept in the preservation medium for seven days; G3 - the samples were kept in the preservation medium for for 14 days; G2 and G4 were formed by the control corneal buttons of G1 and G3, respectively. The average cell loss observed in G1 was 7.62%, in G2 it was 7.04%, in G3 9.12% and in G4 7.16%. No statistically significant differences were observed between the four groups. It was concluded that the Eusol-C® hypothermic preservation medium provided satisfactory preservation of the corneal endothelium in equine species for up to 14 days.


Corneal transplantation. Horses; Endothelium; Corneal storage; Cell viability.

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