In vitro embryo production in Nelore cows supplemented with calcium salts of long-chain fatty acid

Moacir Rogério de Souza, Luciano Soares de Lima, Fabio Luiz Bim Cavalieri, Luiz Paulo Rigolon, Wallacy Barbacena Rosa dos Santos, Josmar Mazucheli, Alexandre Leseur dos Santos, Geraldo Tadeu dos Santos


This study was performed to evaluate the effects of supplementation of lactating Nelore cows with calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids (Ca-LCFA) of soybean oil on in vitro oocytes competency, cleavage rate, embryo production rate, pregnancy rate, and sex ratio of transferred embryos. Fifteen multiparous Nelore cows grazed on a Tifton 85 pasture were allotted to two treatments: (1) supplement without fat inclusion (CONT, n = 6) and (2) supplement containing 47.2 g Ca-LCFA /kg (to provide an intake of 0.2 kg Ca-LCFA/day) based on dry matter (n = 9). Animals were subjected to 2.53 ± 1.35 rounds of consecutive ovum pick up at intervals of 27.65 ± 21.72 days. Oocytes were morphologically evaluated, selected, maturated, fertilized, and cultivated for embryo production in vitro and then transferred into recipients who had previously undergone an embryo transfer protocol at a fixed time. The number of aspirated oocytes, the proportion of viable oocytes, cleavage rate, embryo percentage, pregnancy rate, and sex ratio were not affected when Nelore cows were supplemented with Ca-LCFA of soybean oil compared with non-supplemented Nelore cows. In conclusion, our results suggest that feeding a supplement containing 47.2 g Ca-LCFA/kg (to provide an intake of 0.2 kg Ca-LCFA/day) to Nelore cows does not affect in vitro embryo production in lactating Nelore cows. However, further studies using higher dietary doses of fat could be useful to determine the potential of fat supplementation to improve in vitro embryo production.


Beef cattle; Bos indicus; Fatty acids; Oocytes; Ovum pick up; Pregnancy.

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