Influence of male on estrus behavior, estradiol and progesterone release and puberty onset on prepubertal Saanen goats

Laurinda Augusto, Alice Deleo Rodrigues, Giovana Krempel Fonseca Merighe, Sandra Aparecida de Oliveira, Gabriela Facholi Bomfim, João Alberto Negrão


The present study investigated the male effect on the estrus behaviors, estradiol and progesterone release in prepubertal Saanen goats. Twenty-nine female Saanen goats at 135 ± 10 days old with body weight of 22.8 ± 3.3 Kg were randomly assigned to three treatments: exposure to sexually active male (male treatment), exposure to androgenized females (androgenized female treatment), and prepubertal goats isolated from active male and androgenized females (control treatment). Sexual behaviors associated with estrus were recorded daily, and blood samples were taken weekly to determine estradiol and progesterone concentrations over 24 weeks. The experimental goats subjected to male or androgenized female had significantly higher frequency of estrus (mount acceptance) (P ? 0,02), progesterone (P ? 0,01), and estradiol (P ? 0,01) release than the control goats. Furthermore, goats exposed to a male showed estrus behavior two weeks earlier and maintained this estrus behavior for three weeks more than goats of both female and control treatments. Estrus was observed in 70 % of goats in male and female treatments during the breeding season versus 44 % of the control goats. Finally, significantly more goats subjected to male treatment (60 % of goats) showed progesterone concentrations higher than 1 ng mL-1 (which indicates the presence of a functional corpus luteum) compared to the female and control treatment (40 and 22 % of goats, respectively). These results shows that male treatment significantly increased the number of females showing estrus behavior, estradiol and progesterone release, and the number of animals with a functional corpus luteum, anticipating puberty for experimental goats, suggesting that the male effect could be used to anticipate the onset of puberty in goats.


Male effec; Hormone; Corpus luteum; Goats.

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