The performace of nelore steers supplemented with organic chromium

Carlos Henrique Montemór, Wilmar Sachetin Marçal


The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the effects of organic chromium supplementation on the body weight and weight gain of Nelore steers. Twenty calves were used, with initial weight of 179 kg and 6 months of age. They were distributed in two groups, being 10 animals per group. The experimental group received an organic chromium (1mg of carboaminofosfoquelato of chromium) per day. The mineral salt consumption was estimated for 50g/animal/day. The animals in the control group received the same mineral salt without chromium, in the same consumption. The mineral salt was furnished ad libitum and the animals were maintained in pickets with Brachiaria brizantha and B. decumbens pasture, with rotation during 348 days. For weight gain evaluation, the animals were weighed after 14 hours of solids and liquids fast, every 10 days in the first 40 days of the experiment. After this, steer weights were recorded at 28 days intervals. The organic Cr supplementation in Nelore steers there was influence (P < 0.05) in the body weight it was on day 210, 258.2 kg and 252.28 kg for the organic chromium supplemented and for the control group, respectively.





Beef cattle; Productive performance; Body weight


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