Classical Swine Fever in Brazil: study for the survey of classical swine fever outbreaks in Brazil from 1978 to 2004

Tânia Rosária Pereira Freitas, Eduardo Gonçalves Esteves, Anapolino Macedo Oliveira, Mara Elisa Gasino Joineau, Ana Cristina Souza Duarte, Ildara Vargas, Lúcio Ayres Caldas, Moacyr Alcoforado Rebello


The programs developed in Brazil with the aim to control and eradicate swine fever provided an opportunity for the survey of Classical Swine Fever (CSF) outbreaks. Were concerned CSF official programs, strategies and results, during 26 years. Based in epizootic official data we showed that the number of CSF outbreaks from 1978 to 2004 drastically decreased in all country, although different eradicating strategies were applied in those official programs, especially in fourteen States of “CSF Free Zone”. Were evaluated both CSF official programs: Swine Pests Combat Program (SPCP) from 1984 to 1991 and CSF Eradication and Control Program (CSFECP) from 1992 to 2004 by the decreasing of CSF outbreaks number. Considering the technical evolution in swine production systems, statistical analysis to compare the ranking of CSF outbreaks in each program was performed by Mann-Whitney test, that showed at 95% confidence level (Table T) a significant difference (p< 0.05) between programs, as suggested in CSF outbreaks profile plotted diagram. The number of CSF outbreaks occurred from 2000–2004 in “CSF-infected” and “CSFfree” zones, was analyzed. Also, we regarded with most important recent CSF outbreak in Brazil occurred in 1997, during CSFECP, that was figured out by stamping out measures without appealing to preventive vaccination regimen. Those results suggest that the efficacy of implemented CSF eradication programs depends on the continuity of defined strategies as rigorous vigilance, notification, virus diagnostic screening and sanitary police measures in order to enable quick and adequate action upon CSFV detection.


Classical swine fever; CSF outbreaks; epidemiology, Brazil


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