Growth of quince cultivars grafted on the ‘Japonês’ rootstock

Pedro Ricardo Dorneles, Rafael Pio, Marcelo Angelo Campagnolo, Maraisa Hellen Tadeu, Luana Aparecida Castilho Maro


The objective of this work is to check the growth of quince cultivars grafted on ‘Japonês’ rootstock. One year old plants of quince cultivars ‘Smyrna’, ‘Portugal’, ‘Mendoza Inta-37’, ‘Provence’ (Cydonia oblonga) and ‘Japonês’ (Chaenomeles sinensis) grafted on ‘Japonês’ rootstock, were planted to field, in 4 x 3 m spacing in Marechal Cândido Rondon, west of Paraná State. We measured the trunk diameter at the grafting zone at four, eight and twelve months after planting. After one year of planting, the plants were removed from field and it was measured the higth of the graft sprouting above the graft, dry mass of roots, dry mass of shoots, and total dry mass. ‘Japonês’ intergeneric rootstock is an excellent option for commercial cultivars of quince, and showed the highest growth.


Cydonia oblonga; Chaenomeles sinensis and grafting


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DOI: 10.5433/1679-0359
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