Ethanol extract of Nandina domestica Thunb. leafs: effect on Pomacea canaliculata and growth of Orzya sativa seedlings

Hu Ye, Liu Xuan, Ye Meng, Nong Xiang, Yang Yaojun, Hu Qiang, Huang Lanying, Huang Ying


Alien species may adversely affect not only human health, agriculture, and fisheries but also the native ecosystem. Pomacea canaliculata is one of alien harmful species (IUCN). Forest residues are a kind of renewable, cheap and secure source of primary energy. Nandina domestica Thunb. is a commonly and widely cultivated plant for city landscape construction in China. After being pruned, a large of N. domestica leaves are usually abandoned. In this work, extracts of ethanol Soxhlet (SE), ethanol immerse (EE), and water immerse (WE) were obtained from leaves of N. domestica Thunb. cv. Firepower. The molluscicidal effects of the three extracts from the leaves were evaluated against black P. canaliculata. In sand pot culture condition and pot culture with paddy soil condition, SE at concentration of 4000 mg L-1 did not affect seedlings normal growth. Plant height, seedling fresh weight (SFW), seedling dry weight (SDW) and Chlorophyll content of SE (4000 mg L-1) were not significantly different from that in DS (distilled water + seedlings). Besides, in pot culture with paddy soil condition, the SE treatment at concentration of 4000 mg L-1 inhibited P. canaliculata chewing rice seedlings effectively, which was not statistically different from the positive control {NSP, niclosamide (according to field dosage, 0.086 g m-2 ) + seedlings + P. canaliculata)}. Results from this study indicated that SE has molluscicidal effect against P. canaliculata and SE did not affect the normal growth of rice seedlings. Thus, we suggest further chemical and toxicological studies of SE.


Plant extracts; Molluscicidal effect; Vegetative parameters.

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