Rooting of herbaceous minicuttings of passion fruit

Ruy Inacio Neiva de Carvalho, Ivo Ditos da Silva, Rudival Faquim


The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of the basal cut, leaf presence and the treament with a root suspension in the rooting of herbaceous minicuttings of yellow passion fruit. The experiment was realized in a greenhouse using minicuttings with 8 cm of lenght and two nodes, collected from yellow passion fruit seedlings. The longitudinal basal cut in the minicuttings was done until the basal node. The leaves were removed or a half of a single leaf was maintained in the apical node. The minicuttings were treated with a root suspension in water in three concentrations (0, 100 e 200 g L-1). After 58 days, the rooting percentage, the number of roots and the root dry matter produced per minicutting were determined. The entirely randomized experimental design was used in a factorial esqueme (2 x 2 x 3) with three replications. The propagation of the yellow passion fruit by herbaceous minicuttings was viable and the presence of the half of a single leaf in the apical node give a higher production of number and dry matter of roots. The basal cut was only a little favourable to the production of roots and the treatment with a root suspension did not present a benefit to the plant propagation.


Passiflora edulis f; Flavicarpa; Cutting; Rooting.


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