A new paradigm for the learning process about the complexity of the relations water/soil/plant/atmosphere

Ricardo Serra Borsatto, Nilce Nazareno da Fonte, Celina Wisniewski, Wellington Cesar Adão, Michelle Melissa Althaus Ottmann


This article shares the undertaken difficulties and approaches when a new paradigm is used for the teach-learning relations existing inside natural ecosystems. For this, throughout this essay, a theoretical justification is accomplished that aims to evidence the insufficiency of the Cartesian paradigm on understanding the natural ecosystem. New approaches are pointed out for this teach-learning, which are suggested a new vision and approach, much more holistic and systemic about the natural ecosystems, by the way to demonstrate the complexity of the infinities relations between them. Through lectures and discussions of texts, which were written by authors that show the necessity of having a new way to understand the naturals ecosystems and with a visit to an ecosystem in Ilha do Mel, PR, Brazil, the students realized changings of perceptions, and it was evidenced the difference between perceptions about the same ecosystem although each one represented the reality. It was possible to observe that all the students realized the importance and necessity to have a new approach, not only about the naturals ecosystems, but also about our urban world.


Environmental epistemology; Education.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2007v28n3p399

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